lamp from a building in NYC, craftsman unknown

Koenig Associates, Inc. is a local and global firm that offers a selection of contemporary pieces with timeless implications. Principal designer Richard Mark Koenig designs innovative furniture for a variety of settings. Intentional in his work, he adds over 28 years of research and design experience from the manufacturing industry to his own contemporary style. His products are constructed with true quality that is sustainable for generations to come.

"It was beautiful, but not because of any masterful intellectual planning or any scientific supervision of the job, or any added expenditures to "stylize" it. It was beautiful because the people who worked on it had a way of looking at things that made them do it right unselfconsciously. They didn't separate themselves from the work in such a way as to do it wrong. There is the center of the whole solution." - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance